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    Over 80% of our clients do NOT go to court.

    Our expertise is in dealing with relationship breakdown (heterosexual and same sex) in a caring compassionate manner that re establishes productive communication in order to reach a speedy resolution at minimal cost.

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    Mark Willoughby - Client.

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    + a co-habitation agreement that is unique to you and your partner.
    + to separate or disolve your civil partnership.
    + a financial settlement that you can afford.

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Daughter Protected From Child Abuse Father

Written by Victoria. Posted in Success Stories

A suffering mother needed to obtain legal protection for her daughter. The father had been convicted of the abuse of his daughter.

With a thoroughly prepared case, Sarah Khanna successfully persuaded the Court to remove the father’s parental responsibility.

This meant that he was also prevented from tracing her through the school system in the future.

Sarah also obtained a complete block on press and even the court listing was blanked out so that the child could not be identified.

The legal protection obtained by Sarah in this case has brought lasting peace of mind to the mother.

Divorce after a long separation

Written by Victoria. Posted in Success Stories

In one of our recent cases, our client was a pensioner who had separated from her husband many years ago. She was not aware that she was able to make a claim for a financial settlement as a result of the marriage breaking down until she came to see us, because she thought that she had left it too late. We represented her and she obtained an order by agreement which has provided for her for the rest of her life.

Worlds Apart

Written by Carol-Anne. Posted in Success Stories

Child Disputes

Our client, a Colne Valley mum wished to emigrate to Australia with her new partner and the children of her ex husband. Her ex initially objected strongly threatening Court action.

A potentially bitter, damaging and costly court battle was avoided once we were able to establish sensible communication with the ex husbands solicitors and arrange a round table meeting for discussions.

An amicable resolution was reached when Dad was able to take on board his children's wishes with arrangements for as much contact as possible with Dad both face to face, telephone and skype.

Home Saved For Insolvent Huddersfield Divorcee

Written by Carol-Anne. Posted in Success Stories

Insolvency and Divorce

A Huddersfield man was faced with losing his home when separating from his partner who had been declared bankrupt. In order to settle debts the sale of a house, even when held in joint names can be forced. Not a pleasant prospect.

We were able to embark on sensible negotiations with both his partner and the bankruptcy trustee. As a result our delighted client retained his home reaching sensible settlement terms promptly. These were recorded in a Separation Agreement without court proceedings being necessary.

Deaf Calderdale Mother Without Speech Gets Voice Heard

Written by Carol-Anne. Posted in Success Stories

A victory for access to representation for all.

A Calderdale mother who was deaf and without speech was involved in complex proceedings relating to her child. Her inability to communicate her views in a way that could be understood caused her a great deal of stress and frustration.

By working alongside not only a British sign language interpreter but also a support worker and a deaf intermediary we were able to ensure that she was able to gain understanding of all the issues of the complex case and importantly that she had her voice & views heard and understood.

Despite being a stressful time for her, there was an undoubted and visible increase in her confidence. Finally she was able to feel that she was not being overlooked. She could take part in discussions, which increased her understanding of many important issues. Most of us would take these for granted.